Latin Fishing Fly Match For Natural

Which fishing flies should we use to match the naturals we find in rivers and stillwaters? Look up the fly by name and check which fly is recommended to match.

Baetis Niger, Mutis - Iron Blue Duns

Baetis Niger, Mutis - Iron Blue Duns

Widespread on medium to fast flowing water.

Baetis Rhodani - Large Dark Olives

One of the first olives to appear.

Baetis Tenax - Medium Olives

Baetis Tenax - Medium Olives

Usually found earlier in the season

Bibio Johannis - Black Gnat

Seen in swarms close to the ground and water.

Bibio Marci - Hawthorn Fly

A terrestrial insect found near hawthorn bushes in May.

Leptophlebia Vespertina - Claret Dun

Sluggish rivers and bog bays of lakes / loughs

Odonata - Damselflies & Dragonflies

Damselflies & Dragonflies

Rhithrogena Germanica - The March Brown

Emerging in March & April on fast stony rivers.

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