Phryganea Grandis / Phryganea Striata - Great Red Sedge

Phryganea Grandis / Phryganea Striata - Great Red Sedge

  • Larva: up to 50mm
  • Adult: 20 to 27mm
  • Lakes and rivers
  •  Late May / June / July
  • Larva: Pale bodied, bright yellow head with 2 dark bands. Case of plant material wrapped around abdomen
  • Adult: Grey/brown body with broad reddish/brown wings with some paler areas on the wings.
  • Still or slow flowing water
  • Mostly late evening

With wide distribution these are the only two common sedge's to inhabit still or slow flowing sections of water. They are among the largest of the sedges varying from 20mm to 27mm long. The female is usually slightly larger than the male.

Eggs are deposited on vegitation in gelatinous ropes. Upon hatching the larva spins a silk sheath to which it attached sections of plant material. These form a cylinder which twists to the left. Larvae can be up to 40mm long.

Flies To Match Natural Phryganea Grandis & Phryganea Striata - The Great Red Sedge

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