Perla Bipunctata, Dinocras Cephalotes - Stoneflies

Perla Bipunctata, Dinocras Cephalotes - Stonefly

  • Larvae: 16mm to 33mm
  • Adult: 16mm to 24mm
  • Widely distributed other than central England, Southerm England and East Anglia
  •  May and June
  • Nymph: Single tailed, strout brownish body with yellow markings. Large powerful jaws
  • Imago: Dar, soft bodied with almost black head and legs. Four shiny, hard wings which are heavily veined. The wings are held roof-shaped when at rest. The alderfly has long jointed antennae

Stoneflies are common waterflies that live in out of the way places. Most prefer fast waters. They vary in size from 15mm to almost 33mm!

Stonefly Fly Patterns

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The Essential Fly Brown Stonefly Fishing Fly

The Essential Fly Brown Stonefly Fishing Fly£1.10  (1)