Chronomidae - Chironomus spp

Chrironomidae - Midges

There are over 400 species of Chronomids in the UK. They are common anywhere and live near any types of water, even stagant and polluted waters due to their ability to live where there is a low oxygen content. As they are present in such large numbers they are an important source of food for fish, especially in their larval / nymph stages. 

Chironomus spp - Small Midge

  • Nymph: varied
  • Adult: varied 
  • Abundant in UK
  • All year
  • Nymph: wormlike body in various colours
  • Pupa: Slender, segmented body with white plumes on head and tail in variuos colours
  • Imago: Cylindrical body with humped thorax and long legs. Transparent wings lying flat over the body. Male has feathery antennae
  • All water types, fast flowing to stagnant and polluted
  •  Late afternoon and evening

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