Kate MacLaren XL Muddler #8

Kate MacLaren XL Muddler #8

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Our Part Number:  Cal-5571L-8
Bar Code:  5056544674011
Manufacturer Part Number:  5571L-8
Brand:  Caledonia Flies
Pack Size:  Single
Barb Type:  Barbed
Hook Size:  8
Fly Typical Target Species:  Trout
Hook Points:  1


Kate MacLaren XL Muddler #8

Kate MacLaren XL Muddler #8 - The head is tied with natural deer hair and then clipped into shape. The Buoyant deer hair keeps the Kate MacLaren XL Muddler #8 off the bottom, so it can be fished at all depths. The deer hair is hollow and the trapped air makes it buoyant. The Kate MacLaren XL Muddler #8 can be fished as a wake fly when the weather is dull which is usually late in the season when the sedges can be seen skating on the surface.

Stripping a Kate MacLaren XL Muddler #8 across the waves can induce tremendous takes from trout which will follow it for yards. With a sinking line the Kate MacLaren XL Muddler #8 buoyancy adds life to the fly. Towards the end of the season trout go on a feeding spree to build up strength and ore trout show cannibalistic tendencies at this time of the year than any other and eat trout fry (baby fish). These small fish congregate in areas that suit their needs like marginal weed beds or entrances to feeder streams. This is when muddler flies like Kate MacLaren XL Muddler #8 now comes into its own. These fry imitations flies are probably one of the leading Lures at this time. On large saltwaters a Kate MacLaren XL Muddler #8 fished fast at the surface, in a big wave.

The Kate MacLaren XL Muddler #8 comes on a Barbed hook

The Kate MacLaren XL Muddler #8 is manufactured by Caledonia Fly Company known for quality flies and workmanship.

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