Gaga Rhyacophilia Lava #14 Nymph Fishing Fly

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Gaga Flies

Rhyacophilia is an imprtant Nymph for any angler as it is a firm favourite of Trout, as it is the free swimming larva of a green sedge it is best fished close to the riverbed, free roaming they can often get caught in a currant which makes them easy picking for hungry Trout. As Rhyacophilia have no gills and rely on absorbing Oxygen through their skin, means only cold or fast flowing water can meet their needs.

Another place to find the Rhyacophilia is between rocks as they secrete a line of brown silk to secure themselves, you can imitate this by colouring the last foot of your leader a dark brown.

This stunning Rhyacophilia Lava is tied by Aleksandra Stojanović and Dragoslav Mihajlović of Gaga Flies. They are amongst the most talented comercial fly tiers in the world producing amazing, and most importantly flies that catch fish.

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