Gaga Cased Caddis #10 Nymph Fishing Fly

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Gaga Flies

The Cased Caddis can be found throughout the season, typically made up of sand, mud and plants found in the river bed stuck together with glands from their mouths. When they are ready to hatch the larvae glue their cases to rocks whilst they pupate to flying insect and they leave the cases behind in the water as they hatch. Species dependant this can happen anytime between February and November.

Caddis flies are an important food source for Salmon and Trout, as well as other species of animals. However, the Caddis fly is picky and prefers cleaner water, if you see any then it is a good sign of quality water.

This stunning Cased Caddis is tied by Aleksandra Stojanović and Dragoslav Mihajlović of Gaga Flies. They are amongst the most talented comercial fly tiers in the world producing amazing, and most importantly flies that catch fish.

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