Superb Sunray Shadow Tube Flies

What Are Sunray Shadow Tube Flies?

This is a stunning salmon fishing tube fly, indeed, the Sunray Shadow is unquestionably one of the simplest yet most effective Salmon Flies ever created with its incredible movement as it is simply a highly mobile wing on a tube with a hook. Some traditionalists say that the Sunray Shadow is a souped up Collie Dog Fly however if the Collie Dog is a Salmon Fly the Sunrays can claim to cover a huge and expanding range of variants. The fly was originally invented by Ray Brooks in Norway on the banks of the Laerdal River. Rumour has it that it was so successful that an attempt was made to patent it, unfortunately we cannot patent flies!

Varying Sunray Shadow Tube Flies Size & Color By Season

Use green colour in Sunrays in the early part of the season. Larger 1 inch Sunray Shadow salmon flies will be used in early and late salmon fishing season. In The middle of the seaon, during summer you should be using the smaller 0.5 inch Sunray Shadow in brighter colours. As the Sunray Shadow are tube flies use relevant size and type of hooks for the water. Typically a small double tube fly hook is sufficient for Sunrays all year round.

Tube flies now account for as many if not more fish each season than do traditional single hook flies. During the early season when the water is cold, tube flies offer the fly fisherman a lure/streamer large enough to tempt what can be very dour fish, there is no doubt the movement from the wing of the Sunray certainly provokes salmon bites.

Watch local fishing regulations, sometimes a tube fly is defined as a lure and not a fly under their State regulations and therefore can not be used on fly only water. Their regulations define a fly as 'a lure on which thread, feathers, hackle, or yarn cover a minimum of half of the hook shank of the hook'. We only sell plastic tube based Sunray Shadows. The regulations in Eastern Canada forbid the use of 'weighted flies' for Atlantic Salmon. Metal tube flies are considered 'Weighted flies'. Consult your local fishing regulations before using tube flies to see if they are so narrow minded as some different salmon fishing waters.

Techniques For Fishing Sunray Shadow Tube Flies

To tie the Sunray Shadow tube fly onto the end of your leader, simply pull the hook from the rear of the plastic tube, tie the hook to your leader and re-insert the hook into the tube. If the hook becomes damaged it can be easily replaced without disposing the fly. If you have problems of the hook inserting itself up the tube thread on a bead at the rear of the tube just in front of the hook eye. Always have spare hooks with you!

Cast your Sunray across the current and letting it swing normally.  The micro-currents will give the Sunray Shadow a life-like motion throughout its swing, aided by its long wing. An alternative method of fishing the Sunray is by casting upstream and letting the Sunray Shadow sink. Coming downstream there is no drag from the flyline, the Sunray will sink more rapidly this way, and you will be able to fish a lot deeper than on the downstream arc. Please keep contact with the fly when fishing upstream, enabling you to set the hook if a fish should strike the fly on the almost slack line!

Hitching Sunray Shadow Tube Flies

As the Sunrays are tied onto a plastic tube you can pierce a hole in the side of the tube behind the head. Pass the line through the hole and down tying the hook on as normal. This allows the fly to create a v shaped wiggle as is comes across the surface or subsurface. Alternaively strip the hitched Sunray, these techniques can provoke salmon into addressive acts when they were previously docile.

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