Gaga Gammarus Cadium Orange #10 Shrimp Fishing Fly

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Gaga Flies

Gammarus or Scuds are small crustaceans from the family Gammaridae counts more than 200 described species and they thrive well in cold well oxygenated waters, exactly where we find trout, grayling and even of course salmon. Freshwater shrimp / gammarus or scuds depending what you call them make up a significant portion of the diet of trout in our rivers and streams. Freshwater shrimp may not be the main food source every day but they are significant making up over 60% of the annual diet of the trout and grayling.

These gammarus are virtually indestructable and tied with a thin body but profiled perfectly. As a reault these flies drop quickly through the water column because the thin profile reduces water resistance.

This stunning Chrome Orange gammarus is tied by Aleksandra Stojanović and Dragoslav Mihajlović of Gaga Flies. They are amongst the most talented comercial fly tiers in the world producing amazing, and most importantly flies that catch fish.

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