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Seaguar Soft-Plus 100m 6.6Lb 5X Fly Fishing Leader (Length 109 Yds / 100m)

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Fly Fishing
Breaking Strain Kg
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109 Yds
Length in Yards
109 Yards
Packing Weight
35 g

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Product Details

Seaguar Grand Max Soft-Plus Fluorocarbon 100m Spools

The Soft-Plus is 10% stronger than the standard Grand Max, an unbelieveable flurobarbon with amazing strength. This is a real specimin tippet material and as its name indicated because it is softer it is suitable for trout and specimen coarse fishing. Manufactured by Kureha Company specialists in fluorocarbons. The Seaguar and Grand Max lines are award winning, however most importantly for the fly fishermen their breaking strains compared to diameter make them the strongest in the market.Soft Plus is softer than Grand Max it is more likely to wind knotting if you are not careful with your casts.

When purchasing consider the diameter NOT the breaking strain because these lines are much stronger than other fluorocarbons in the market so you can use a stronger fluorocarbon for the same diameter.

Size mm Diameter Breaking Strain Lbs
2X 0.2350mm 13.7lb
3X 0.218mm 10.4lb
4X 0.185mm 8.2lb
5X 0.165mm 6.6lb

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1 Customer Review(s)

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews for Seaguar Soft-Plus 100m 6.6Lb 5X Fly Fishing Leader (Length 109 Yds / 100m)

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1 Review:

Tippet For Euro Nymphing
04 November 2022  | 

This tippet is thinner than most other lower rated tippet and super supple. Exactly what you need to get the bugs down but still have the breaking strain to get out of snags without losing all your flies.

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