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At The Essential Fly we are known to supply a vast range of tying materials, tools, hooks and vices. Not only that but we ship world-wide from our UK warehouse - we provide strong support and advice so give us a try! Tying flies in the UK ranges from stunning nymphs and dry flies for natural brownies in pristine streams to blobs and streamers for stocked Rainbow Trout in our many stocked lakes and reservoirs. Alternatively you may be saltwater fly fishing or tying flies for pike or carp. Whatever your preference we stock materials for any type of fly tying.

We have a vast range of tools and materials from companies like Veniard, Semperfli, Hemingways & Marc Petitjean just to name a few where we take their best fly tying materials for sale. Our vast stocks mean quick delivery. Check the reviews by thousands of satisfied tyers from around the world. See why we are so well regarded.

What is fly tying?

Fly tying is the art of creating an artificial bait made from synthetic materials, feathers and furs and tying them to a hook with fly tying thread that makes them look like either a real fly or invertebrate (known as an imitative fly) or  looking as if it should be food for a fish (suggestive fly) or finally a lure or streamer, a fly that will trigger a fish to attack the fly. Using a vice to hold the hook the fly tyer puts the different elements of the fly together.  Of course many things can be used for fly tying, just ask yourselves the questions what are there  in fly tying materials near me?  What can I use as cheap fly tying materials? Sometimes answers are closer than we realise, for example the crisp packet buzzer. This buzzer is tied using thin strips of the foil wrappers of crisp packets. Regardless of if you are looking or a complete fly tying materials kit or looking to source some of the many different materials used for fly tying, from  feathers to look like wings, synthetic materials like artificial dubbing, wools or fur can be used for the body and feathers of fibbets used for tails. Whatever you are looking for a way to organizing fly tying materials or you tie flies so frequently you are looking for bulk fly tying materials we offer service and quality that we hope makes us the resource you will use for the best online fly tying materials offering a vast range alternative fly tying materials to make your hobby even more fun.

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What is Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is a technique for catching fish like brown trout, rainbow trout, salmon, grayling, pike or saltwater species where the bait is artificial made usually of synthetics, fur and feather through the art of fly tying.  The fishing fly once tied by the fly tyer may look like an invertebrate (bug), a fly landing on the water or lure or attractant designed to stimulate the target fish into biting the fly and hooking itself. We try to make the hand tied fishing fly appear to a fish like a bug or invertebrate below the waters surface or a real fly has landed on the top of the water as if it belongs there as part of the natural ecosystem. Unlike other fishing techniques fly fishing is an art form with key components, tying the artificial fly, matching the hatch and reading the water to calculate where fish will be.

An essential part of fly fishing is of course fly tying, using different types of fly tying materials to tie a fishing fly to catch whatever species we are chasing. At The Essential Fly we have large resources of material and offer support and advice to help you with your fly tying needs.