Synthetic Hackle

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Hackle Flash

Hackle Flash£4.32   £3.75

Hackle Magic 8Mm Black & Gold

Hackle Magic 8Mm Black & Gold£2.99

Hackle Magic 8Mm Black & Silver

Hackle Magic 8Mm Black & Silver£2.99

Hackle Magic 8Mm White & Gold

Hackle Magic 8Mm White & Gold£2.99

Hackle Magic 8Mm White & Silver

Hackle Magic 8Mm White & Silver£2.99

Mosaic Sporadic Fritz Black

Mosaic Sporadic Fritz Black£5.25   £2.50

Mosaic UV Fritz Fl. Orange

Mosaic UV Fritz Fl. Orange£5.25   £2.50

Super Stretch Hackle

Super Stretch Hackle£6.60   £5.99

Tri Lobal Hackle Pure

Tri Lobal Hackle Pure£3.00   £1.50

Tri Lobal Hackle-Crystal Mix

Tri Lobal Hackle-Crystal Mix£3.20   £1.50

Tri Lobal Hackle-Holographic

Tri Lobal Hackle-Holographic£3.20   £1.50

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