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Fly Fishing Hooks

We have a huge range of hooks that are used for fly tying in stock. Hooks come in different styles, for nymphs, buzzers or grub hooks, dry fly and streamers. They have different strengths (wire guages) and lengths. A 2x hook is 2 times strength and 3xl hooks for 3 times standard length. Suppliers include Umpqua who provide the best value hooks on the market coming in packs of 50 hooks with their unique magnetic retainer in each pack of hooks which stops them spilling when opened.

With ranges from Partridge, Veniard, Mustad, Kamasan and Umpqua delivered from stock we are sure we can satisfy your needs.

Hooks come in many shapes and sizes. You can use many of the vast range we have for sale including:

  • dry fly hooks for adams or olive dry flies. These have fine wire which with the correct dubbing, will float your dry fly to that waiting trout or grayling
  • nymph hooks for pheasant tails, these hooks are generally straight with larger gape
  • scud hooks for shrimps these have curved shanks to imitate that curved body of the shrimp
  • and lure hooks or streamer hooks for flies reservoirs lures and
  • specialist hooks like sedge hooks to replicate the body of a sedge or  are superb for tying rhyacophilla, bloodworm or other nymphs


Fly Fishing Hook Anatomy

Standard Hook Anatomy Scud Hook Anatomy
Hook Anatomy
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The Essential Fly Fishing Shop
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