Saltwater Fly Fishing

Wednesday, 12 November 2014  |  Admin

With the incredible diversity that saltwater fly fishing offers this is a rapidly growing area for the fly fisherman. Species from Sea Bass to Bonefish create incredible sport both locally and internationally

How to Fish Saltwater Flies

This depends on the species of fish being chased, you can use anything from a 6 weight fly rod for lightweight inshore fishing to specialist #14 weight fly rods for Tarpon or other giants. Fish may be "lifted" by trolling baits in the case of a giant Sailfish or Marlin then cast for with the fly rod as happens off the coast of Australia or cast for naturally with Bonefish or some of the many other spectacular saltwater species. Saltwater fishing flies vary from very small to extremely large flies measuring 12" or 30cm!

Saltwater Flies & Tackle

We stock a great range  of saltwater flies, proven fish catching patterns so if you are looking for your sea bass or other saltwater species check us out!

Saltwater fly fishing creates its own demands, from stronger gear to protect from the corrosive salt and water entering the fly reel to larger fish hammering at our tackle and straining our fly rods, Whatever your needs you will find a good range here,

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