Fly Tyers and Designers From Around The World

There are some designers, some old like G E M Skues, F M Halford to fly tyers revolutionising our art through the 60's and 70's like Bob Church and finally modern fly designers like Hans Van Kinken, Ally Gowans, Sandy Dickson and Jerry Lee who are all coming up with innovative patterns that are changing fly fishing for the better. This area of our site is dedicated to some of the best fly tyers in the world and the flies that they designed which The Essential Fly team has now reproduced for our customers.

Here you will find patterns like Frank Sawyers Pheasant Tail Nymph, Allys Shrimp and Allys Cascade to Hans Van Klinken's amazing Klinkhammer which not only was a new fly but help develop new tactics so named "Klink and Dink" techniques. Some are evolutionary patterns some are revolutionary patterns. These pages are intended to pay homage to some of the worlds great fly tyers who's flies are available  tied by our own teams and delivered world-wide.

Fly Designer / Tyer