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Caledonia Flies Snake Black #10 Fishing Fly Barbed

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Caledonia Flies
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Snake Black #10

Lures & streamers like Snake Black #10 are primarily used on lakes and reservoirs. Snake Black #10 attractors and may not even resemble any fish, fly or invertebrate found in the water! However Snake Black #10 is an attractors, it is a lures intended to trigger a Rainbow Trout's predatory nature. Attractors imitate nothing natural in the water whatsoever! However lures with their bright colours do stimulate bites. Lures are usually stripped or figure of eight retrieved. Dont forget to stop the line with the Snake Black #10 and then recommence movement to trigger the trout to attack your Snake Black #10.

The Snake Black #10 comes on a Barbed hook

The Snake Black #10 is manufactured by Caledonia Fly Company known for quality flies and workmanship.

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Black Snakes
20 July 2023  | 

They work!

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