Kamasan Fly Tying Hooks

Kamasan are a well known manufacturer of fly fishing hooks. The Kamasan hook range covers all of the fly tyers needs with Kamasan Grub Hooks, Kamasan Nymph hooks, Kamasan salmon fly hooks and of course Kamasan Dry Fly Hooks. The Kamasan fly hook range are weel made and have excellent sharp barbs for easy penetration when hooking that special fish.

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Kamasan Hooks By Pack Size 

Kamasan fy tying hooks come in diffferent sizes accoring to your needs, you can get them in packs of 25 Kamasan Hooks, 100 Kamasan hook packs or for the commerial fly tyer packs of 1,000 Kamasan Hooks.

Kamasan Fly Hooks By Model

Kamasan produce hooks for all the game fishing needs, see the complete range stocked by ourselves below.

FLy Fishing Hook Blog Posts

So many brands, materials and sizes how on earth do you choose? Hopefully some of our blog posts will help you decide.