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Fly-Fishing can often be confusing to beginners to the sport because fly-fishermen talk and write in a strange language using words not always in standard use. To help take some of the confusion out of the terms bandied about by fly fishermen we have compiled this glossary. 

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X: archaic measurement used to designate diameter of leader material used in conjunction with a numeral, as in "4X". To determine the actual diameter of "4X" or any "X" number, subtract the numeral from the number 11 (eleven). The result is the diameter in thousandths of an inch. For example, to find the diameter of 4X material, subtract 4 from 11 (11 - 4 = 7) thus the diameter is .007". Important: diameter does not always correspond to breaking strength.

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Customer Reviews
Fish catchers?
Saturday, 20 January 2018  |  James

Very well produced buzzers but at present unused therefore cannot comment on their catching prowess. Slightly expensive but appreciate work required in producing them. Hope in time - tightlines.

Wulff running line
Wednesday, 17 January 2018  |  Robert

Excellent service thanks. Product arrived promptly and well wrapped.

Great advice and support
Wednesday, 17 January 2018  |  Terry

Wanted a spare reel for an intermediate line. Essential Fly "reely" friendly and helpful with genuine advice for a novice like me, even helped choose the line and backing, their help didn't stop there, they even loaded the reel for me. Treated my enquiry and the sale with a feeling that they were interested in helping me make the right choices. Very pleased with the product too.

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