Fly Fishing Glossary T's

Fly-Fishing can often be confusing to beginners to the sport because fly-fishermen talk and write in a strange language using words not always in standard use. To help take some of the confusion out of the terms bandied about by fly fishermen we have compiled this glossary. 

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Tag (Tag End): the end of the line that is used to tie a knot.

Tandem Lures: These are lures that have 2 hooks in the fishing fly. Tandem lures are used for sea trout and large deep trout on reservoirs.

Tapered Leader: a tapered leader made of monofilament and used for fly fishing; the back or butt section of the leader is of a thick diameter nearly as large as the fly line, then becomes progressively smaller in diameter as you approach the tip end, this helps transfer energy down the fly line and leader to present the fly better.

Tailing: This term refers to the behavior of fish in shallow water where it is possible to see the caudal fins as they feed. Tailing fish are an exciting discovery and generally signal the possibility of getting strikes by the proper presentation of the right fly.

Tailwater: The downstream section of a river or stream found below a large man-made dam. The most famous and productive tailwaters are from bottom-discharge dams, making the water relatively cold and constant in temperature.

Terrestrial insect: As the name implies, Terrestrials are land-dwelling (or tree/plant-dwelling) insects that breath air, including grasshoppers, crickets, ants, beetles and leaf worms. Frequently used as imitations in fishing flies.

Tinsel: A thin silver, gold or brass-colored ribbon, often made from mylar tinsel used in adding shine to fishing flies, often as ribbing or for fly bodies.

Tippet: The terminal segment of monofilament tied on the end of a leader and connected to the fly.

Tip section: The top section of a fly rod, smallest in diameter and furthest from the rod grip.

Turn Over: words that describe how the fly line and leader straighten out at the completion of the cast.
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