Rig Set Up & Techniques For Fishing The Warmer Weather!

Fishing The Warmer Weather

Warmer weather is here with hotter weather forecast. Some people think that once it gets so hot and sunny, that fishing is off.  That may not be the case, we just have to think differently. 

Read on for some great rig set up, fishing tips and flies.


Warmer Weather Fishing - Flies and Techniques

We are getting asked regularly how do I fish in this warm weather? What techniques should I use and what flies?  So we hope this information will be of help to you.

The current heatwave is having mixed effects on fishermen, some deciding it is too hot and some loving the weather. We have 2 collections of flies which, used together correctly, are deadly during the heatwave. We recommend that you use 3 of our fly collections with the Lake Suspender collection as your top dropper flies, Lake Buzzer Collection as your middle droppers and and brass/tungsten beadhead flies as your point flies.


The 3 Fishing Techniques For Hot Weather


Technique 1 - Slow Drifting

  1. I will use a leader of 15 feet or more in this weather created from one of The Essential Fly Tapered Leaders with an additional butt section of strong monofilament of 20lb line to extend the standard leaders from 2 to 15 or 20 feet.
  2. Use a team of 3 flies from the above recommended collections or ranges
  3. Drift your team of flies nice and slowly in the wind, when there is no wind simply cast, let the team of flies settle then after 1 minute lift the rod to 45 degrees pulling the team closer to the shore, take up the slack and wait another minute. The flies are often hit on the lift or drop as food comes into or starts moving out of the trout's vision.

Technique 2 - Spooky Fish

  1. Fish a team of larger tungsten beaded Montana's or single Sandy's flashback on a long tapered leader. I will often use a 15 foot leader and single fly as this gets even the spookiest of fish. Retrieved with a very slow figure of 8 retrieve deep where the fish are feeding.

Technique 3 - Washing Line Rig

  1. Washing Line Rig with a suspender fly like a foam arsed blob from the Suspender fly collection can be used on the point with the buzzer on the middle dropper and top dropper as a brass of tungsten beadhead used on an Intermediate or Sinking line. This technique allows us to drop the team of flies deeper and deeper. Indeed I have had success with this team where the bottom fly is almost dragged along the bottom of a lake in 15 feet of water. I will use a shorter leader with my team of flies 3 feet apart.

Lake Suspender Collection

This is the reason for the Lake Suspender collection, these flies, ranging from Stimulators, Foam Arsed Blobs to Carp Biscuit flies and Thingamabobbers all help to let our flies drift.

All of these suspender flies will act as a float for our team allowing our flies to be held in the same position. or drifted slowly with the wind. Carp biscuits I hear you say why use those? Fortunately no-one has told Rainbow Trout that these are intended for Carp and they look like pellets so Trout hit these well.

Lake Buzzer and Nymph Collection

This is a super collection of buzzers and nymphs including Sandy's Flashbacks, Bloodworm, Pheasant Tails and deadly nymphs and flies for your middle dropper.

Tungsten Montanas

My alternative fly for hot weather is this little beauty - tungsten beadheads - ensure that these flies get deep but I will use this on a single leader

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