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The Essential Fly
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CDC Klinkhammer Brown - Dry Fly

CDC Klinkhammer Brown created by Hans Van Klinken.

CDC Klinkhammer Brown

This is definitely an essential fly. This excellent fish-catching fly was devised by the innovative Dutch fly-tyer Hans Van Klinken. The fly, which hangs down in the water supported by the parachute hackle, could be classed as an emerger, an aquatic insect on the point of hatching; whatever the classification, the trout certainly find it extremely attractive. It has been effective on English chalk streams for both trout and grayling. The hackle has floatant applied with the body taking in water so that it sits low as an emerger.

The CDC Klinkhammer Brown is an incredible fish catching fly devised by the innovative Dutch fly tyer Hans Van Klinken for trout and grayling. This fly is absolutely incredible, even when fish are not taking on the surface this fly is known to 'lift' fish.The fly hangs down in the water supported by the parachute hackle. Due to to body of the pupa sitting under the surface while the hackle and wing are on the surface it represents an emerging caddis fly. The CDC Klinkhammer Brown is tied with CDC on the post. The CDC Klinkhammer Brown is effective on everywhere from English chalk streams to rivers world-wide. At The Essential Fly we have also devised a high visibility variant of the CDC Klinkhammer Brown with black and luminous yellow posts.

CDC Klinkhammer Brown - Fly Tying Dressing

Fly Tying Difficulty: 4

For the fly tyers you we have provided tying specifications for the CDC Klinkhammer Brown. Remember at The Essential Fly we sell the CDC Klinkhammer Brown at incredible prices with a top quality fly and service to back it up. It is certainly worth tying the CDC Klinkhammer Brown yourself to understand the pleasure of catching a fish with your own tied fly, however at the price we sell flies it is only worth tying one or two CDC Klinkhammer Brown as your can spend more time fishing instead of tying flies - buy volume online with us.

Hook Sizes

Living Larva Hook sizes 10 to 20

Silk Thread



Fine medium brown fur dubbing

Body Hackle

Brown Cock Feather parachute style

Wing post

Polypropylene yarn


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9 Customer Review(s)

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9 Reviews:

good value
02 September 2013  | 

stand out well in the river

Fish first cast
20 June 2011  | 

Can't ask for more than that

Fish first cast
20 June 2011  | 

Can't ask for more than that

good flies
01 September 2009  | 

buona mosca

Klinks and other flies
30 June 2009  | 

Quality flies have just ordered more variations price good and service excellant.

21 November 2008  | 

Speedy delivery and a quality of fly that you would pay triple for elsewhere.

cdc klinkhammer brown
11 August 2008  | 

pleased with the quality flies

The Best Fly
17 May 2008  | 

I placed my order and the fly's were delivered the next day. Ready for a days fishing. My selection were packed in individual boxes and labeled by type. The fly, all tied to perfection. I have all ready recommended you to all my fly fishing mates.

A must for you fly box
02 March 2008  | 

I bought this in a variety of colours in the smaller sizes. The Klink types are very fiddly to tie in the very small sizes and TEF have an excellent finish and scale to them.

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