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Arctic Silver
Arctic Silver Gg-Compact 2.0 Fly Line Md-Float #3 for Fly Fishing (Length 98ft / 30m)

The new improved version of the popular Comact fly lines from Arctic Silver. Designed to have you fly in the water as much as possible.

Arctic Silver
Arctic Silver Green Velvet Fly Line Md-Float #3 for Fly Fishing (Length 98ft / 30m)

Designed for careful presentation at various distances with little use of pwer.

Royal Wulff
Royal Wulff Bamboo Special Fly Line #3 (Length 90ft / 27.4m)

#3 Weight Fly Line Range

Superb #3 Weight fly Lines for fly fishing at competitive prices for stream / brook fly fishing from Snowbee, Wychwood, Sonik for Trout & Grayling

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