Umpqua Premium Fly Boxes

Umpqua Premium Fly Boxes History

In 2009, Umpqua introduced the Small 574, Medium 508 & Large 732 Premium Fly Boxes to the market.  Their sleek design, one-handed operation, ZeRust Corrosion Protection and FlyTrap Foam System earned great accolades, including Field & Stream's prestigious Best of the Best Award in 2010.  Today, Umpqua offers a full range of models of Premium Boxes that address the needs and exceed the expectations of any angler on any water.

Your flies deserve the highest quality boxes.
Umpqua Professional Guide (often abbreviated to "UPG") is a professional line of fly boxes and streamside accessories created for, and designed by, the professional guide and fly fisherman.

We know how valuable a good fly is — whether you've picked one up at the local fly shop, or labored for hours over your own pattern — UPG’s fly boxes will keep them all safe, dry, and secure. Our Pros know what’s needed in a good box when you're in the stream, wading the big rivers, or stalking bonefish on the flats. Each box is designed with a particular use in mind.

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Umpqua Premium ''Grand Slam'' Flats Box

Umpqua Premium "Grand Slam" Flats Box£42.99

Umpqua Premium Day-Tripper Fly Box

Umpqua Premium Day-Tripper Fly Box£36.99

Umpqua Premium Double-Wide Fly Box

Umpqua Premium Double-Wide Fly Box£44.99

Umpqua Premium Fly Badge Green

Umpqua Premium Fly Badge Green£19.99

Umpqua Premium Fly Badge Grey / Blue

Umpqua Premium Fly Badge Grey / Blue£19.99

Umpqua Premium Fly Badge Orange

Umpqua Premium Fly Badge Orange£19.99

Umpqua Premium Magnum-Dry Fly Box

Umpqua Premium Magnum-Dry Fly Box£42.99

Umpqua Premium Magnum-Midge Fly Box

Umpqua Premium Magnum-Midge Fly Box£42.99

Umpqua Premium Midge Fly Box

Umpqua Premium Midge Fly Box£36.99

Umpqua Premium Weekender Fly Box

Umpqua Premium Weekender Fly Box£42.99


Umpqua Fly Boxes - Features & Benefits Guide

Micro-Slit Foam

Designed specifically with small flies in mind, micro-slit foam keeps the tiniest bugs on top of the foam allowing for easy in-and-out with fingers or hemostats.  The slits are closely spaced to allow maximum capacity and freedom of placement.

FlyTrap Foam Sytem

FlyTrap foam's unique alternating slit placement eliminates conflict between fly tails and heads to allow for maximum capacity and usage of space.  It is the primary reason our boxes have twice the capacity of most boxes on the market.

Mega-Slit, Extra Thick Foam

A perfect combination of extra-thick and dense foam with deep slits assures that your biggest flies will stay in place.

Magnetic Compartments

A great way to isolate used flies for drying and clean-up later or go-to flies for the day.  If you have a fish spotted and he's forcing you to change flies, don't waste time trying to find a slot to drop your used fly in to, just throw it on the magnet and grab the next hopeful.

Zerust Corrosion Protection

This little golden beauty emits a "magic" vapour that coats all things metal and virtually eliminates rusty hooks.  If your box is loaded, this tab could save you a small fortune in flies that you may otherwise need to replace due to rust.

Weather Proof

Each box has two complete molded silicon O-Rings to keep out Mother Nature, further enhancing the protection that your flies receive.

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