Our Fly Tying Factory


Our Fly Tying Factory


Our Fly Tying Factory

Our factory is based in Kenya, as are many of the worlds leading fly factories. We export all over the world, though our biggest market is Europe supplying trout, salmon and salt water flies. We are a relatively small company with up to 60 tyers tying our flies at any stage in 2 locations. We aim to offer a reliable service supplying genuine quality flies, tied with only the best materials at a highly aggressive price with top quality service.

Our standard trout fly hooks are Kumho and Mustad. There are many cheaper hooks on the market but our customers like these because of their consistency and strength.

Up to a total of 75 staff are available at any stage with staff ordering materials, tying flies, quality assurance checking and distribution. Flies are then sent to our warehouse in the UK from where they are despatched around the world. We have shipped flies as far as Australia, Columbia, USA, Canada and throughout Europe.


Collins, Miriam and Corrette - The Management Team


Our Tyers in Action



Susan and Tirop in the office

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