Accessing the Hatch Charts

I can't access your Hatch Charts, why is this?

Our Hatch Charts are available, free of charge, to registered customers that have previously placed an order with The Essential Fly.  The first thing we'd need to establish is do you have an account with us, and have you previously placed any orders.

I am a registered customer, and have placed orders with you.

Fantastic, thanks for helping us to rule that first part out!  The Hatch Charts page appears as a tab on the menu header bar, across the top of your page (next to the search bar) when you're logged in to your account.  Click this tab and you'll be asked for a password.  The passwords change for each iteration of the Hatch Charts that we release, and we send these out on our mail shots.  Enter this password and you'll be taken straight to the page.

I've entered my password in to the Hatch Chart page, and it says that it's invalid?

Firstly we need to check which password you entered, did you enter the password from our email, or did you enter the password that you use to log in to your account?  It's a frequently made mistake - you can only access the Hatch Chart using the password given on our emails (so there's no need to reset your account password!)

I didn't receive, or have misplaced, my copy of the email with the password on it, what can I do?

Call us!  We're here to help!  If you don't have time to call, then send an email in to, explain that you need the password for the Hatch Charts and we'll wing it right over to you as soon as we've confirmed that you're a registered customer and have previously ordered from us.

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