Credit Card Errors - Don't Worry


Frustrating and we can only say sorry if you experience any order processing challenges. We use Sagepay backed by NatWest Streamline to clear credit cards. A frequent cause of problems is the bank security systems, please use Verified by Visa or Mastercard Secure Code, these are for your protection! As with any system there can be occasional hiccoughs when cards won't go through but don't worry the team at The Essential Fly can help out, simply email us at or call us, we can take your card details over the telephone and process your order for you.

We operate from 9am to 5pm GMT Monday  to Friday and our helpful team will help and can usually resolve these issues for you very quickly. Your order will be held in our basket and we can remote control your account so you will not lose everything in your basket!

We accept visa, mastercard and credit card payments from all around the world.



 HINT: Never send your credit card details by email. Any company that you deal with should have a secure site. Email is not secure and you take great risks sending credit cards by email.


1. We will never email you and request credit card details.

2. We will not store credit card details for your own security. If you give us your credit card details over the telephone we will destroy these securely immediately for your safetl..

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