Affiliate Tracking

Many thanks for your request to become an affiliate partner of We have an automated system which records links and sales generated from your website as well as a system that allows you to keep in touch with your sales. We will pay out for all affiliate sales once your affiliate account has reached £25 credit.

Linking from Your Site

To link to our home page simply use the url where is the address of your website without the http:// i.e

Deep Linking to A Specific Product

You can link to any page or our site, simply copy the url or the page that you would like to link to and replace the .html by /ref/ where yoururl is your website address. For example to connect to our buzzers page at use the url replacing www.yoururl with the address of your domain.


Suggested Images for Linking

You can use any image from our site for the sole use of linking to our site, no image may be used for any other purpose or used on any other website without written permission or alternatively please feel free to use the images below to link to our site.








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