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The Essential Fly's tying store. Huge supplies of materials, tools and vices shipped world-wide. Quality fly tying supplies and competitive prices for the discerning fly tyer.

Fly Tying Materials, Tools & Vices

Fly tying is the art of using materials like natural furs and feathers and turning them into fishing flies using specialist tying tools and  vices. We have everything required with stunning ranges from major manufacturers like Semperfli and Veniard. Stunning tools kits, the best in scissors and bobbin holders for the fly tyer for sale world-wide

Fly Tying Materals History

Flies have been "tied" by fly tyers using tying materials including fur and feather to imitate flies & insects over the last centuries. People credit Isaac Walton and his 1676 edition of The Compleat Angler as documenting start of fly fishing and fly tying. However primative tying existed as early the 3rd Century AD when the writer Aelianus described catching fish with artificial flies. The tying was "..... they fasten crimson wool around the hook and fix onto the wool two feathers" in this case the material for tying was simply crimson wool. In 1496 Dame Juliana Berners wrote the Treatise of Fishing with an Angle which described tying using similar tying materials to the Macedoneans.

Fly Tying Materials Rare to Syntheics

In 1800 's to 1950's tying used exotic fly tying materials from rare bird species. Today when tying flies there is a vast range of materials that can be used. Ranging from traditional fly tying furs like hare and fly tying feathers like pheasant tail.  Synthetic materials like mylar tinsels, silks or threads. Modern fly tying threads like Semperfli Nano silk now exist in 12/0 size (50 denier) but they are virtually unbreakable.

Fly Tying Tools & Vices

Everything for the fly tyer including materials, tools and vices with stunning ranges from major manufacturers like Semperfli and Veniard and Marc Petitjean.

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