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Welcome to our huge tying store. We've vast supplies of fly tying materials, tools, hooks and vices and ship world-wide from our UK warehouse, we provide strong support and advice for fly tyers, give us a try! We have a vast range of quality fly tying supplies and competitive prices for the discerning fly tyer. Need help, check our new and growing section of Fly Tying Guides with Step by Step instructions for some great fly tying patterns

Fly Tying Materials, Supplies and Equipment

Tying flies is the art of using fly tying materials like natural furs and feathers and turning them into fishing flies using specialist tying tools and  vices. We have everything required with stunning ranges from major manufacturers like Semperfli and Veniard - stunning tools kits, the best in scissors and bobbin holders for the fly tyer for sale world-wide.

Hooks are the starting point when tying flies. We stock stunning Kamasan, Veniard Osprey, Partridge in 25, 100 and 1000 packs plus Umpqua's range at stunning value with 50 hooks in a packet with their magnets to stop the hooks falling out, check our range of fly tying hooks here

In 1800's to 1950's tying used exotic fly tying materials from rare bird species. Today there is a vast range of materials that can be used from traditional fly tying furs like hare and fly tying feathers like cock pheasant tail.  Modern fly tying synthetics are renewable and consistent, materials like mylar tinsels, silks or threads. Modern fly tying threads like Semperfli Nano silk now exist in 12/0 size (50 denier) but they are virtually unbreakable.

Everything for the fly tyer including materials, tools and vices with stunning ranges from major manufacturers like Semperfli and Veniard, Stonfo and Marc Petitjean.