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Fly Fishing Flies

Fly fishing flies including trout flies, salmon flies and flies for grayling, carp, pike, sea trout and all game fishing species are here for you. With barbless and standard flies we have one of the largest selections available for delivery next day. With flies ranging from size 2 to a huge micro fly department with flies sizes 22 and 24 you will find all you need. With constant innovation by brilliant fly tyers like Sandy Dickson and Jerry Lee we deliver quality, innovation and flies that catch fish!

Rainbow & Brown Trout Flies

You may go trout fly fishing using dry flies on chalk streams for natural Brown Trout. River and stream Brown Trout flies are usually imitative that mimic actual bugs and flies found at the river. However your quarry could be Rainbows at your local lake and use typical Rainbow Trout flies like Blobs & Buzzers, we know every fly fisherman has their own preferred trout fly patterns. Whatever your requirements you will find a huge selection of fishing flies in our site. We stock a vast range of fly patterns for rainbow & brown trout  with one of the best micro fly stores available. Our trout fly patterns are in sizes as diverse as size 2 down to micro dries sized 24. We focus on top quality flies at excellent prices,  we do not try to provide just  cheap flies but flies that last.

Salmon Flies

Superb range of hook based and  tube flies. From Icelandic patterns like Snaelda and Frances to Sunray Shadows. You may prefer traditional salmon patterns from Willie Gunn and Blue Mary, modern Hairwing style flies or modern classics like Allys Shrimps and Cascade fly patterns. With a great range and great value check our salmon flies for your next trip.



Fly Tying Materials & Tools

Fly tyers demand the best in fly tying tools and materials. From the essential hooks to feathers for hackles, artificial eyes to fluoro flosses to create trigger points the needs of a fly tyer are vast. We stock a vast range from companies like Veniard and Semperfli, Marc Petitjean to Tiemco, Partridge and Kamasan. With large stocks and rapid delivery we deliver all around the world satisfying fly tyers needs.



Fly Fishing Tackle

Fly rods, reels, lines and all the tackle and accessories for fly fishing. From saltwater to stillwaters, lochs to reservoirs we have gear to suit every fishing eventuality. With game fishermen now crossing to species like pike and carp, talk to our advisors who are here to help! Our customer services is award winning, check us out and see why!

Technical Fishing Clothing

From breathable waders to boots, wading jackets to hats. We love fishing, of course the best fly fishing occurs when the weather is not hot and we need our waders, and waterproofs.  Good technical clothing protect us when we are out and ensure that we have a great day out.

Tapered leader
Tuesday, 28 October 2014  |  Derek

This is the best that I have found in 17 years of trout fly fishing. Supple, visible and turns over effortlessly. The loop attachments are just the right size making it easy to attach to fly line and tippet ends.

Good quality flies
Thursday, 23 October 2014  |  L

Very pleased with the quality of the flies. All I need to do is go fishing now.

Fly Mate pedestal ball vice
Wednesday, 22 October 2014  |  Robert

Solid, well made and stylish. Assembly instructions could be clearer

esmond drury hooks
Tuesday, 21 October 2014  |  Daniel

a bit to short in the shank

Predator thread
Sunday, 19 October 2014  |  Leif

For the big big flies or for the deer hair flies. Non better.

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