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Everything for the fly fisherman - for sale & delivered world-wide with award winning customer service. We have a massive range of flies for every species of fish, with hundreds of patterns and huge stocks available.  Also we have tackle and a dedicated tying department all for speedy delivery.

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We are a bit different in that we are specialists who do not just sell - we advise and help. With our team of pro fly fishermen here to help you we aim to enhance your experience. Check out free monthly hatch charts telling you what flies are hatching and what flies you should use to match the hatch. We produce our own range of videos to instruct and help you develop your skills and techniques. Our e-guides have been written on many different topics, delivered instantly to your desktop and we are even developing apps for your mobile phone and tablets!


Trout Flies

We have a massive range of trout flies in stock. With over 1700 patterns of trout flies in sizes 2 to size 24 with a choice of barbless trout flies and barbed hooks you will find what you need for Rainbows, Brown, Blues and all types of  Trout fly fishing on rivers, stillwaters, lochs and reservoirs.  Our micro flies section has one of the largest range of commercial micro dry flies available in sizes 18 to size 22. Our range includes stunning trout buzzers, dry flies, wet flies including traditional styles like Alexandra,  and north country spider patterns, trout lures and of course streamer flies. Constant innovation & testing by our pro tyers including Sandy Dickson and Jerry Lee ensure new patterns such as Blank Buster Buzzers hit the mark and catch lots of trout for us and for you all around the world! While you may buy cheap trout flies elsewhere we prefer good quality flies that will last! Our worldwide delivery has been praised by fly fishermen, check the latest reviews from our customers.

Specialist Fishing Flies

Check our pages if you are interested in tackle and gear for specific types of fish species, we have sections for trout fly fishing, salmon fly fishing, saltwater fly fishing and pike fly fishing,

Many companies make cheap flies, we believe in value for money and the production of quality flies with top range hooks from manufacturers including Partridge & Mustad. Cheap trout flies will fall apart, our flies last and deliver value to you wherever you are in the world.

Grayling Fishing Flies

We have a massive range of fishing flies for every species, you may want to fly fish for grayling in winter using grayling bugs and nymphs. Grayling dry flies  include superb Klinkhammers and micro dry flies all of which provide superb sport when they are rising to the dry fly. We have a range of czech nymphs for you to try the highly productive czech nymphing technique. This is superb for grayling especially in the closed season for Trout.

Sea Trout Flies

sea trout fliesIf you fancy a visit a visit fish for the mighty sea trout on rivers like the Welsh rivers Towy, Dyfi, Teifi, Mawddach and Conway or sea trout rivers throughout England and Scotland we have sea trout flies ranging from traditional patterns like the Alexandra to Surface Wake Flies and Snake Flies. Enjoy yourself and hook  into a mighty sea trout in the hours of night. To make it easy we have complete sea trout fly collections ready to fish.

Pike fishing fliesPike Flies

Over the past years fly fishermen have become more adventurous trying targeting new species like Pike, so if you fancy Fly fishing for Pike , the mighty Esox lucius we have developed a range of pike flies including pike deceivers even mouse flies! For Pike strong hooks are essential. Our range of flies for Pike will keep you entertained hooking this mighty predator.

Carp Flies

There has been a massive number of sporting lakes opening for carp on the fly and again this can provide  sport for us so we have a good range of carp flies and zig bugs with foam to keep them buoyant we have a good selection for you to try when fishing for carp.


Saltwater Flies

If you fancy fly fishing in saltwater around the coast or in the tropics then we have  specialist saltwater flies including specialist sea bass flies and flies that will attract all saltwater species from Pollock to Bonefish, our saltwater flies  ranging from fish like flies to crab based flies.

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We are available on the phone for advice or for telephone orders (00 44 1757 333003) Monday to Friday.  Why not see for yourself why thousands of customers worldwide buy their gear from The Essential Fly?  We promise to offer you top gear, best value with absolutely exceptional customer service possible.  We look after our customers.  Let us show you how.

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