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Everything for the fly fisherman the home for flies, tackle and fly tying. We have a massive range, delivered world-wide with award winning customer service. We have a huge range of flies and huge stocks available.  Also we have tackle and a dedicated tying department all for speedy delivery worldwide. 


UK Specialists in Fishing Flies, Fly Tackle & Fly Tying

A leading supplier of gear for fly fishermen, deadly flies for rainbow & brown trout, salmon, pike and  patterns for every species from our massive selection. We have fly tying materials and tools to satisfy every fly tyers needs. Our range of tackle from Greys to Wychwood, from fly rods to waders, luggage and all of the accessories needed by fly fishermen with advice as well.

We have won awards for customer service and believe in value and quality. Check our reviews from thousands of customers all around the world. Having delivered to over 50 countries from homes to fishing lodges for that last minute requirement.



We are a bit different in that we are specialists who do not just sell - we advise and help. With our team of pro fishermen here to help you we aim to enhance your experience. With free monthly hatch charts telling you what is hatching and how to use to match the hatch. We produce our own range of videos to instruct and help you develop your skills and techniques. Our e-guides have been written on many different topics, delivered instantly to your desktop and we are even developing apps for your mobile phone and tablets!

Customer Service

Award Winning Website & Customer Service - Established since 2006 we have thousands of satisfied customers in over 50 countries. If you are looking to buy flies or other gear check the independent reviews of our great flies, materials and tackle plus award winning service! We are available on the phone for advice or for telephone orders - International 00 44 1757 333003 or UK 01757 333003. Why not see for yourself why thousands of customers worldwide buy their gear from The Essential Fly? We promise to offer you top gear, best value with absolutely exceptional customer service possible. We look after our customers. Let us show you how. We look forward to seeing you or hearing from you!

Featured Products
Umpqua U001 Size 16 Standard Wire Dry Fly Down Eye 1Xl

Umpqua U001 Size 16 Standard Wire Dry Fly Down Eye 1Xl£4.75   £2.85

Umpqua U101 Size 20 Nymph Sproat 1Xl 1X Strong

Umpqua U101 Size 20 Nymph Sproat 1Xl 1X Strong£4.75   £2.85

Monomaster Waste Fishing Line Holder

Monomaster Waste Fishing Line Holder£12.95  (3)

Surface Wake Fly Bundle Jambo Sea Bundle

Surface Wake Fly Bundle Jambo Sea Bundle£11.50  (2)

6 Essential Sea Trout surface wake flies

Classic Trout Bag M

Classic Trout Bag M£15.99   £15.67

Competition Sized Mini Lures

Competition Sized Mini Lures£5.50  (2)

11 Competition Sized Lures - International Fly Guage Tested Hooks

Volare Stripping Tray

Volare Stripping Tray£16.99

Bristol Hopper Selection Of Terrestrial Flies

Bristol Hopper Selection Of Terrestrial Flies£9.99  (5)

13 Terrestrial Imitations

Trout Winter Nymph Flies Collection

Trout Winter Nymph Flies Collection£8.30

Winter Trout Nymph Collection

Tubeology Scandinavian Trout and Salmon Kit

Tubeology Scandinavian Trout and Salmon Kit£82.75

This pack contains 17 Aluminium & 11 Brass tubes of different sizes, 24 Aluminium & 12 Brass Heads, all of which provide the capacity to make 1025 variations of fly.

DOES NOT contain spinning module


Umpqua U202 Size 18 Curved Scud/Pupa 1X Short 1X Strong

Umpqua U202 Size 18 Curved Scud/Pupa 1X Short 1X Strong£4.75   £2.85