Shellbacks and Thinskin

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Bodystretch£2.64   £2.20  (2)

Centipede Legs Barred Mini 0.2mm

Centipede Legs Barred Mini 0.2mm£4.68   £3.99

Centipede Legs Barred Small 0.4mm

Centipede Legs Barred Small 0.4mm£4.68   £3.99

Natural Latex Sheet

Natural Latex Sheet£2.16   £1.89

Pearl Film

Pearl Film£3.23   £2.99  (1)

Swiss Straw Synthetic Raffia Black

Swiss Straw Synthetic Raffia Black£2.50  (1)

Swiss Straw Synthetic Raffia Brown

Swiss Straw Synthetic Raffia Brown£2.50  (1)

Swiss Straw Synthetic Raffia Cream

Swiss Straw Synthetic Raffia Cream£2.50  (1)

Thin Skin

Thin Skin£3.36   £2.99

Ultra Lace Tubing Standard 1mm

Ultra Lace Tubing Standard 1mm£2.76   £2.29  (2)

UV Film

UV Film£2.88   £2.49  (1)

Veniard Edge Bright Fluorescent Sheet

Veniard Edge Bright Fluorescent Sheet£3.00   £2.49  (1)

Venird Squirmy Wormy Body Material

Venird Squirmy Wormy Body Material£3.72   £3.19  (1)


Synthetic Raffia Shellbacks

Perfect for shrimps and shell backs. This synthetic raffia is available in a range of colours perfect for varnishing>

Thinskin Shellbacks

Thinskin is a stretchy material alternative for shellbacks on shrimps and nymphs.