Stretch Ribbing

Stretch Ribbing for Fly Tying
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Iridescent Pearl Mylar Piping Large

Iridescent Pearl Mylar Piping Large£2.40   £2.00  (1)

Iridescent Pearl Mylar Piping Medium

Iridescent Pearl Mylar Piping Medium£2.16   £1.80

Iridescent Pearl Mylar Piping Small

Iridescent Pearl Mylar Piping Small£1.80   £1.50

Magic Glass/V Rib

Magic Glass/V Rib£1.92   £1.59  (3)

Mirage Cord Mylar Piping (Utc Mirage Cord)

Mirage Cord Mylar Piping (Utc Mirage Cord)£3.60   £3.10

Mylar Piping large

Mylar Piping large£2.04   £1.90  (1)

Mylar Piping Medium

Mylar Piping Medium£1.92   £1.60

Mylar Piping Small

Mylar Piping Small£1.56   £1.30

Rubber Legs - Micro

Rubber Legs - Micro£2.76   £2.30  (1)

Sili-Legs Nymph Size

Sili-Legs Nymph Size£4.16   £3.39

Silicone Micro Legs with Pearl Flake

Silicone Micro Legs with Pearl Flake£5.52   £3.99

Ultra Lace Tubing Micro 0.6mm

Ultra Lace Tubing Micro 0.6mm£2.76   £2.29  (3)

Ultra Lace Tubing Standard 1mm

Ultra Lace Tubing Standard 1mm£2.76   £2.29  (2)

Uni Flexx Black

Uni Flexx Black£2.93   £2.60

Uni Flexx Camel

Uni Flexx Camel£2.93   £2.60

Uni Flexx Chartreuse

Uni Flexx Chartreuse£2.93   £2.60

Uni Flexx Dark Brown

Uni Flexx Dark Brown£2.93   £2.60

Uni Flexx Fuchsia

Uni Flexx Fuchsia£2.93   £2.60

Uni Flexx Green Highlander

Uni Flexx Green Highlander£2.93   £2.60

Uni Flexx Grey

Uni Flexx Grey£2.93   £2.60

Uni Flexx Orange

Uni Flexx Orange£2.93   £2.60

Uni Flexx Purple

Uni Flexx Purple£2.93   £2.60

Uni Flexx Red

Uni Flexx Red£2.93   £2.60

Uni Flexx Royal Blue

Uni Flexx Royal Blue£2.93   £2.60

Uni Flexx White

Uni Flexx White£2.93   £2.60  (1)

Uni Flexx Yellow

Uni Flexx Yellow£2.93   £2.60

Veniard Easy Shrimp Eyes

Veniard Easy Shrimp Eyes£8.40   £6.50  (1)

Veniard Easy Shrimp Legs

Veniard Easy Shrimp Legs£8.88   £6.80  (1)

X Rib Fine Mylar Piping (Braid)

X Rib Fine Mylar Piping (Braid)£1.44   £1.20


What is Stretch Ribbing ?

Elastic and tubeing for ribbing, legs or bodies of tying flies.