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Trout & salmon rods, fly reels and all fly fishing tackle from our store. We have a large range of tackle and gear including rods; reels, fly boxes, breathable waders, boots & flylines. Great manufacturers including Snowbee & Wychwood. A complete range of fly fishing tackle and accessories for the fly fisherman, from fly fishing rods and fly fishing reels to fly lines and accessories. If you cannot find what you want then please give us a ring. 



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Fly Fishing Tackle, rods, reels and flylines

From fly fishing rods, fly fishing reels and all trout & salmon fly fishing tackle. We have a large range of  tackle and gear including rods; reels, fly boxes,  breathable waders, boots &  flylines. If you cannot find what you want then please give us a ring.

Fly fishing is an ancient angling method. Most renowned as a method for catching trout and salmon, but employed today for a wide variety of species including pike, bass, panfish, grayling and carp, as well as marine species, such as snook, tarpon, redfish, bonefish and striped bass (stripeys). There are many reports of fly anglers taking unintended species such as chub, bream and rudd while fishing for 'main target' species such as trout. There is a growing population of anglers whose aim is to catch as many different species as possible with the fly.

Fly fishing can be done in fresh or salt water. Freshwater fishing is often divided into coldwater (trout, salmon, steelhead), coolwater (pike, perch, walleye) and warmwater (bass, chub, catfish) fishing. The techniques for freshwater fly fishing also differ in lakes, streams and rivers.


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