Fly Tying Storage

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Empty Dubbing Dispenser

Empty Dubbing Dispenser£5.52   £4.99

Fly Stages Vice Organiser

Fly Stages Vice Organiser£13.20   £12.99

Fly Tying Spool Rack

Fly Tying Spool Rack£6.50


Spool rack holds 32 spools of thread and yarn

Marc Petitjean Tool Rack and Light

Marc Petitjean Tool Rack and Light£279.60   £225.00

Spring Loaded Bead Dispenser

Spring Loaded Bead Dispenser£4.68   £3.99

Stonfo Magnetic Hook Box STF267

Stonfo Magnetic Hook Box STF267£11.64   £7.99

Stonfo Magnetic Rod Holder STF631

Stonfo Magnetic Rod Holder STF631£15.60   £13.50

Stonfo Vice Waste Bin STF614

Stonfo Vice Waste Bin STF614£42.00   £35.99

Tach-It Magnetic Hook Holder

Tach-It Magnetic Hook Holder£14.76   £12.99

Uni Box Storage System

Uni Box Storage System£87.60   £76.65

Uni Spool Lock Pins

Uni Spool Lock Pins£7.44   £6.45

Uni Tray Spool Caddy

Uni Tray Spool Caddy£39.36   £34.35

Uni Tray Spool Caddy Spare Tray Foam

Uni Tray Spool Caddy Spare Tray Foam£8.88   £8.40

Veniard Fly Tyers Travel Case with Desk Tidy

Veniard Fly Tyers Travel Case with Desk Tidy£75.60   £59.99

Veniard Fly Tying Tote Bag

Veniard Fly Tying Tote Bag£71.88   £64.99

Veniard Paramount 2 Kit

Veniard Paramount 2 Kit£213.60   £149.99

Veniard Pinnacle Fly Tying Kit

Veniard Pinnacle Fly Tying Kit£256.80   £199.99

Veniard Waste Bag

Veniard Waste Bag£11.88   £9.99

Veniard Zenith 2 Box

Veniard Zenith 2 Box£103.20   £89.99