Uni Threads For Fly Tying

Uni produce a stunning range of threads from the 6/0 and 8/0 threads used by many fly tyers as their staple tying thread to Big Fly Threads, Neon, Glo, Caenis and Super Midge threads.

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Uni Big Fly Black

Uni Big Fly Black£3.94   £3.29

Uni Big Fly Chartreuse

Uni Big Fly Chartreuse£3.94   £3.29

Uni Big Fly Fire Orange

Uni Big Fly Fire Orange£3.94   £3.29

Uni Big Fly Olive

Uni Big Fly Olive£3.94   £3.29

Uni Big Fly Orange

Uni Big Fly Orange£3.94   £3.29

Uni Big Fly Pink

Uni Big Fly Pink£3.94   £3.29

Uni Big Fly Red

Uni Big Fly Red£3.94   £3.29

Uni Big Fly White

Uni Big Fly White£3.94   £3.29

Uni Big Fly Yellow

Uni Big Fly Yellow£3.94   £3.29

Uni Caenis 20 Denier Thread

Uni Caenis 20 Denier Thread£1.92

Uni Glo Thread 3/0

Uni Glo Thread 3/0£3.70

Uni Neon Tying Thread Green

Uni Neon Tying Thread Green£2.80

Uni Neon Tying Thread Orange

Uni Neon Tying Thread Orange£2.80

Uni Neon Tying Thread Red

Uni Neon Tying Thread Red£2.80

Uni Neon Tying Thread Yellow

Uni Neon Tying Thread Yellow£2.80

Uni Pre Waxed Thread 6/0 200Y Green

Uni Pre Waxed Thread 6/0 200Y Green£3.94  (1)

Uni Pre Waxed Thread 6/0 200Y Olive

Uni Pre Waxed Thread 6/0 200Y Olive£3.94  (1)