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Massive Range Of Fly Tying Threads & Silks

With threads and silks for any fly here you will find what you need. From 18/0 30 denier ultra fine Nano Silk, to Kevlar threads, or heavy duty 200D or even larger threads for that large predator fly for a Tarpon or Mahseer, we stock them all. With best value guaranteed we ship worldwide. Check the reviews written by fly tyers , we have thousands of satisfied fly tyers all around the world.

What ever your preferred Silk manufacturer, from Uni to Veniard, Semperfli to Marc Petitjean we have an astounding array for you to chose from. We have the largest range of spools of fly tying thread available for delivery of any retailer, without doubt.

Using Tying Threads

Our threads come ready to use and fit all standard fly tying bobbins holders. With a massive range of colours we are certain you will find exactly what you need in stock. However if you what a unique colour we have an answer for you, use a thread like Nano Silk which is a GSP (Gel Spun Polypropylene) and permanent marker pens. Using a technique like this you can simply order white thread, tie you fly accordingly, and colour the last few inches of thread before you whip finish your fishing fly. Apply a coat of varnish and you are done!

Threads By Size & Manufacturer

Semperfli Nano Silk

Semperfli Nano Silk

The world's strongest fly tying silk. Stronger than all other GSP's


Denier and Thread Sizing For Fly Tyers

Thread diameters were created in the 1930s. In the past fly tyers have been using 6/0, 8/0, 12/0  fly tying threads plus many others, however in 1988 WAPSI Fly introduced a thread called 70 UTC and 140 UTC for their UTC threads based on denier sizing. There has been confusion since and of course some manufacturers sizing is not always accurate making it even more difficult. Some materials stretch, which can be useful or a problem for the fly tyer. For example; nylon has about 25% stretch, polyester around 15% stretch and gel spun only 3% stretch. Check our thread comparison blog post here

Thread Aught or /0 Sizing Approx Denier Size Typical Usage
1/0 600D Largest Large predator fly threads
3/0 180D    
6/0 100D   Pike & Muskie Flies on size 2/0 to size 1 Hooks
8/0 70D   Size 4 to Size 14 Flies
10/0 60D    
12/0 50D   Size 10 to 18 flies
18/0 30D Smallest Size 16 to 28 flies

If you have any questions or need advice then contact us by telephone, email, Facebook or Twitter, we are always quick to respond. We believe in helping where we can so check our video below on using Nano Silk GSP Thread, we hope it helps!