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Fox Squirrel Bleached & Dyed Tail

Fox Squirrel Bleached & Dyed Tail£9.48   £7.99

Fox Squirrel Dyed Black

Fox Squirrel Dyed Black£4.80   £4.00

Fox Squirrel Skin-Whole

Fox Squirrel Skin-Whole£18.00   £15.50  (1)

Fox Squirrel Tail Natural

Fox Squirrel Tail Natural£3.60   £2.99

Grey Squirrel Mixed Pack Of 5 Colours

Grey Squirrel Mixed Pack Of 5 Colours£4.44   £3.70

Grey Squirrel Skin-Whole

Grey Squirrel Skin-Whole£18.00   £15.50  (1)

Grey Squirrel Tail Dyed

Grey Squirrel Tail Dyed£3.60   £3.00

Grey Squirrel Tail Natural

Grey Squirrel Tail Natural£2.88   £2.40

Micro Zonker Pine Squirrel Skin

Micro Zonker Pine Squirrel Skin£28.20   £25.99  (2)

Picric Acid Dyed Grey Squirrel Tail

Picric Acid Dyed Grey Squirrel Tail£2.99  (2)

Pine Squirrel Skin-Whole

Pine Squirrel Skin-Whole£13.20   £11.50

Pine Squirrel Small Barred Tail

Pine Squirrel Small Barred Tail£3.00   £2.50