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Salmon Fly  Fishing Rods

Great Ross for salmon including single and double handed fly rods for rivers to large spate rivers and heavy tube flies. We offer competitive prices for salmon rods and tackle from best quality manufacturers including Greys, Snowbee, Sonik Sports and Wychwood.

Rod Usage

It does not matter where you plan to go salmon fly fishing, from small rivers like the River Luce or River Cree in Scotland's beautiful Gallway coast needing a neat 8 weight rod for the stunning Midfjardara River in Iceland or the mighty Kola Peninsula and the amazing Varzuga River and you need a large 11 weight fly rod capable of stopping a mighty salmon we can deliver them to you. For those that like different techniques we have Switch Fly Rods or specialist double handed rods, whatever you need we have a range for every fly fisherman.


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Leeda Spin 10Ft Spinning Rod

Leeda Spin 10Ft Spinning Rod£19.99

Leeda Spin 8Ft

Leeda Spin 8Ft£19.99

Leeda Spin Rod 9Ft

Leeda Spin Rod 9Ft£19.99

Leeda Tele Spin 8Ft£14.99

Profil Volare Iv 10'   #8

Profil Volare Iv 10' #8£54.99

Profil Volare Vi  10'  #8

Profil Volare Vi 10' #8£69.99