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We spend lots of time and money bringing valuable fly fishing information to fly fishermen. We generate lots of content ranging from Hatch Charts to help- fly fishermen identify what is hatching and when which is visible only to registered  users and information about fly identification, tackle, techniques and much more. Of course this information is all copyright and owned by ourselves. Any information copied without permission is of course theft and will be addressed by any means necessary to ensure and protect this investment for fly fishermen world-wide.

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Up And Under 5' Sink Tip #7

Up And Under 5' Sink Tip #7£29.99

The Mayfly Dry Fly Selection

The Mayfly Dry Fly Selection£10.00  (2)

9 different Dry Mayfly Patterns, 16 Mayflies

Anglin' Glue 9.5g Bottle

Anglin' Glue 9.5g Bottle£7.18   £6.09

Umpqua Toketee Vest

Umpqua Toketee Vest£159.99

Trout Suspender Buzzers Fly Bundle

Trout Suspender Buzzers Fly Bundle£7.00

Suspender Buzzer Nymph Bundle

Sandys Trout Blank Buster Buzzers 28 Fly Selection

Sandys Trout Blank Buster Buzzers 28 Fly Selection£21.00  (11)

Sandy Dickson Blank Buster Buzzers Collection - 28 buzzers

Competition Sized Mini Lures

Competition Sized Mini Lures£5.50  (2)

11 Competition Sized Lures - International Fly Guage Tested Hooks

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