Veniard Fly Tying Materials


Having supplied the trade since 1923 the fly tyer has benefited from premium Veniard fly tying materials, tools and vices from this great manufacturer. Fly tying supplies from all around the world with materials including fly tying silks, threads, furs and feathers. The full Veniard range is available from The Essential Fly

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Antron Dubbing

Antron Dubbing£1.05  -  £1.10

Antron Body Yarn

Antron Body Yarn£1.10

Polypropylene Floating Yarn

Polypropylene Floating Yarn£1.10

X Rib Mylar Piping

X Rib Mylar Piping£1.20

Mylar Piping-Gold or Silver

Mylar Piping-Gold or Silver£1.30  -  £1.70

Suspender Balls

Suspender Balls£1.30

UNI Neon Floss Chinese Red

UNI Neon Floss Chinese Red£1.38   £1.30

Chadwick 477

Chadwick 477£1.40  (1)

Mallard Duck Flank Feathers

Mallard Duck Flank Feathers£1.40

Rayon Chenille

Rayon Chenille£1.40  -  £2.50

Seals Fur Substitute

Seals Fur Substitute£1.40

UNI Floss Black

UNI Floss Black£1.44   £1.40

UNI Floss Bright Yellow

UNI Floss Bright Yellow£1.44   £1.40

UNI Floss Brown

UNI Floss Brown£1.44   £1.40

UNI Floss Burnt Orange

UNI Floss Burnt Orange£1.44   £1.40

UNI Floss Emerald Green

UNI Floss Emerald Green£1.44   £1.40

UNI Floss Olive

UNI Floss Olive£1.44   £1.40

UNI Floss Purple

UNI Floss Purple£1.44   £1.40

UNI Floss Red

UNI Floss Red£1.44   £1.40

UNI Floss Royal Blue

UNI Floss Royal Blue£1.44   £1.40

UNI Floss Rust Orange (Gold)

UNI Floss Rust Orange (Gold)£1.44   £1.40

UNI Floss White

UNI Floss White£1.44   £1.40

UNI Floss Wine

UNI Floss Wine£1.44   £1.40

UNI Neon Floss Chartreuse

UNI Neon Floss Chartreuse£1.44   £1.40

UNI Neon Floss Hot Green

UNI Neon Floss Hot Green£1.44   £1.40

UNI Neon Floss Hot Orange

UNI Neon Floss Hot Orange£1.44   £1.40

UNI Neon Floss Hot Pink

UNI Neon Floss Hot Pink£1.44   £1.40

UNI Neon Floss Hot Red

UNI Neon Floss Hot Red£1.44   £1.40

UNI Neon Floss Light Orange

UNI Neon Floss Light Orange£1.44   £1.40

Closed Cell Foam Sheet

Closed Cell Foam Sheet£1.50

Embossed Flat Tinsel

Embossed Flat Tinsel£1.50

Instruction Booklets

Instruction Booklets£0.60  -  £1.50

Iridescent Pearl Mylar Piping

Iridescent Pearl Mylar Piping£1.50  -  £1.90  (1)

Lead Wire

Lead Wire£1.50  -  £13.80  (1)

Magic Glass/V Rib

Magic Glass/V Rib£1.56   £1.50  (2)

Prepared Fly Tyers Wax

Prepared Fly Tyers Wax£1.50  (2)

Stoat Tail Substitute

Stoat Tail Substitute£1.50

Tube Liner

Tube Liner£1.50

Veniard Copper Wire 0.4mm

Veniard Copper Wire 0.4mm£1.50  (2)

Goose Biot Strips

Goose Biot Strips£1.60   £1.55  (1)

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Page 1 of 21:    818 Items
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