Veniard Fly Tying Materials


Having supplied the trade since 1923 the fly tyer has benefited from premium Veniard fly tying materials, tools and vices from this great manufacturer. Fly tying supplies from all around the world with materials including fly tying silks, threads, furs and feathers. The full Veniard range is available from The Essential Fly

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Adhesive Lead Foil

Adhesive Lead Foil£2.00  (1)

All Purpose Lightweight

All Purpose Lightweight£5.16

All Purpose Medium

All Purpose Medium£5.16

Amadou Patch

Amadou Patch£13.90  (5)

Amherst Centre Tail Piece

Amherst Centre Tail Piece£7.90  (1)

Amherst Complete Tail Piece

Amherst Complete Tail Piece£33.90

Amherst Head Piece No 1

Amherst Head Piece No 1£10.90

Amherst Head Piece No 2 Natural

Amherst Head Piece No 2 Natural£6.90   £6.56  (1)

Amherst Head Piece No Dyed

Amherst Head Piece No Dyed£9.30

Antron Body Yarn

Antron Body Yarn£1.10

Antron Dubbing

Antron Dubbing£1.10

Antron Dubbing Dispenser

Antron Dubbing Dispenser£10.50

Antron Sparkle Chenille

Antron Sparkle Chenille£2.80

Arctic Fox Tail Piece

Arctic Fox Tail Piece£4.20

Arctic Runner Hair Piece

Arctic Runner Hair Piece£4.20  (1)

Barred Marabou

Barred Marabou£6.50

Barred Rabbit Zonker Strips

Barred Rabbit Zonker Strips£4.40  (1)

Bead Chain

Bead Chain£1.60

Bead Dispensers

Bead Dispensers£7.90

Beginners Guide To Fly Tying

Beginners Guide To Fly Tying£13.30

Boar Bristle Hand Selected

Boar Bristle Hand Selected£3.10

Body Stretch

Body Stretch£2.00

Booby Eyes

Booby Eyes£2.30  -  £2.80  (1)

Brass Cone Heads

Brass Cone Heads£2.40  -  £3.10

Brass Fly Tying Bead Heads

Brass Fly Tying Bead Heads£1.70  -  £2.20  (1)

Brooch Pins

Brooch Pins£1.90  (2)

BT Dubbing Wax

BT Dubbing Wax£7.20

Bucktail- Half

Bucktail- Half£3.20

Bucktail- Whole

Bucktail- Whole£4.90  (2)

Bucktails Mix Pack

Bucktails Mix Pack£4.20

Bug Bond Lite

Bug Bond Lite£17.40

Bug Bond Original

Bug Bond Original£17.50

Bug Bond Pro UV Cure Resin Kit

Bug Bond Pro UV Cure Resin Kit£61.90

Bug Bond Professional UV Light

Bug Bond Professional UV Light£39.99  (2)

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Latest Customer Reviews
Saturday, 31 January 2015  |  David

Cold windy day - stripped in as a lure, fishing as a single fly and took two good sized rainbows in the first three casts, then another couple over the next hour or so. Earned its place in the flybox!

A good value E Book
Monday, 26 January 2015  |  Gordon

A great buy this 41 page e-guide really does cover a wide area of angling interest. A steal at the price paid and a useful reference for the future.

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