Fly Rods For Sale

Fly Fishing Rods from Quality Manufacturers

Select what is your ideal rod by weight, species or fish or by manufacturer. Fly fishing rods from Sonik, Snowbee Wychwood including rods for trout, grayling or saltwater. Selecting a game fishing rod is easy when you ask the team at The Essential Fly.

What is a Fly Rod Action?

The action of a fly fishing rod is defined as the relative resistance to bending along the length of the rod. Fast action rods resist bending sooner than slow action one. The slow fly rods are "whippy" and will not cast as far as fast ones. Fast action fly fishing rods, on the other hand, tend to generate higher line speeds, making them easier to cast into the wind and for longer distances. Between the two extremes, there are moderate action rods. Over time you’ll find out which type suits you best. If you need help then please give us a ring!

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