Bug Bond UV Resin

Put a thin layer on rather than traditional fly tying varnish and flash the UV Resin with a UV torch for a hard, tack free finish. to your fly body or head Use for all types of flies. This stops the need for varnishing flies and speeds up fly tying setting in seconds with an Ultra Violet torch.

HINT: When adding a resin to create the head for a fly put it on very sparingly and cure with a torch. It is better to put on 2 thin layers than one thick layer which may not cure fully.

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Bug Bond Multi-LED Light (UV)

Bug Bond Multi-LED Light (UV)£19.08   £16.15

UV Resin Demonstration Video

See a deadly sand pattern tied on Tubeology tube fly sysem,  uses UV resin to put the eyes on and build up the head.

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