One of the great gadgets for fishing. Zingers can be clipped to the clothing to stop items falling in the river or lake and keep scissors, pliers or other essentials close to hand. With retractable lines essential tools can be kept close and safe!

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Cork Gift Set

Cork Gift Set£41.50

A lovely set for the fly fisherman who appreciates the finer things in life.

Fishpond Dryshake Bottle Holder

Fishpond Dryshake Bottle Holder£6.99

Large Cork Amadou Wallet

Large Cork Amadou Wallet£15.90

Two top quality Amadou pieces encased in a great looking cork case.

Large Plastic Zinger

Large Plastic Zinger£3.25

Profil Vest Pack

Profil Vest Pack£13.99   £14.99

Profil Zinger

Profil Zinger£2.49   £2.99

Profil Zinger & Snips

Profil Zinger & Snips£3.49   £3.99

Small Plastic Zinger

Small Plastic Zinger£3.00

Stonfo Mini Magnetic Retainer STF622

Stonfo Mini Magnetic Retainer STF622£8.20

Stonfo Spiral Magnetic Retainer STF520

Stonfo Spiral Magnetic Retainer STF520£15.80

Veniard Amadou Patch

Veniard Amadou Patch£14.50


This rare natural fungus has been used for over a century to dry saturated flies.

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