Zingers / Retractors & Retainers

One of the great gadgets for fishing. Zingers can be clipped to the clothing to stop items falling in the river or lake and keep scissors, pliers or other essentials close to hand. With retractable lines essential tools can be kept close and safe!

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Fishpond 360 Swivel Retractor Gunmetal

Fishpond 360 Swivel Retractor Gunmetal£16.99   £16.20

Fishpond 360 Swivel Retractor Lichen

Fishpond 360 Swivel Retractor Lichen£16.99   £16.20

Fishpond Confluence Net Release Lichen

Fishpond Confluence Net Release Lichen£36.99

Loon Outdoors Rogue Zinger

Loon Outdoors Rogue Zinger£12.99

Loon Outdoors Tippet Holder

Loon Outdoors Tippet Holder£9.99

Loon Outdoors Vest Lanyard

Loon Outdoors Vest Lanyard£24.99

Profil Magnetic Net Hanger

Profil Magnetic Net Hanger£6.49

Profil Vest Pack

Profil Vest Pack£13.99

Profil Zinger

Profil Zinger£2.49

Profil Zinger & Snips

Profil Zinger & Snips£3.49

Stonfo Mini Magnetic Retainer #622

Stonfo Mini Magnetic Retainer #622£9.40

Stonfo Spiral Magnetic Retainer #520

Stonfo Spiral Magnetic Retainer #520£18.20

Veniard Clip On Zinger

Veniard Clip On Zinger£4.30

Veniard Pin On Zinger

Veniard Pin On Zinger£5.00

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