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Cork Gift Set

Cork Gift Set£41.50

A lovely set for the fly fisherman who appreciates the finer things in life.

G Loop 4'' Micro Tip Uni Scissors

G Loop 4" Micro Tip Uni Scissors£11.90

Large Cork Amadou Wallet

Large Cork Amadou Wallet£15.90

Two top quality Amadou pieces encased in a great looking cork case.

Magnetic Cork Holder

Magnetic Cork Holder£11.90

A magnetic cork patch and clip for attaching to a jacket or vest.

No. 1 Straight Blade Scissors

No. 1 Straight Blade Scissors£4.60

A pair of small basic scissors with a straight blade.

No. 2 Curved Blade Scissors

No. 2 Curved Blade Scissors£4.60

A pair of small basic scissors with a curved blade.

Veniard Amadou Patch

Veniard Amadou Patch£14.50


This rare natural fungus has been used for over a century to dry saturated flies.

Veniard Amadou Piece

Veniard Amadou Piece£12.50

Rare natural fungus is used to dry saturated flies without damaging the hackle.

Veniard Amadou Premium Wallet

Veniard Amadou Premium Wallet£27.90

Two pieces of large amadou encased in a smart leather wallet

Veniard Braided Loops Clear - Salmon

Veniard Braided Loops Clear - Salmon£2.88

Super strong clear braided loops comnplete with sleeves.

Veniard Brass Hair Stacker Medium

Veniard Brass Hair Stacker Medium£9.00

Veniard Bullet Bobbin Holder

Veniard Bullet Bobbin Holder£2.80

Veniard Ceramic CI Spigot Bobbin Holder

Veniard Ceramic CI Spigot Bobbin Holder£4.40

Veniard Ceramic Spigot Bobbin Holder

Veniard Ceramic Spigot Bobbin Holder£9.90

Veniard Dubbing Needle Standard

Veniard Dubbing Needle Standard£2.20

Veniard Dubbing Needle with Half Hitch Tool

Veniard Dubbing Needle with Half Hitch Tool£2.40

Veniard Dubbing Twister

Veniard Dubbing Twister£5.50

Veniard Easy Grip Hackle Pliers

Veniard Easy Grip Hackle Pliers£2.40

Veniard Fine Point Scissors

Veniard Fine Point Scissors£13.90

Veniard Flared Disk Bobbin Holder

Veniard Flared Disk Bobbin Holder£3.60

Veniard Gold Loop 3.5'' Arrow Point Scissors

Veniard Gold Loop 3.5" Arrow Point Scissors£8.50

Veniard Gold Loop 4'' Mosquito Clamp

Veniard Gold Loop 4" Mosquito Clamp£8.50

Veniard Gold Loop 4'' Universal Scissors

Veniard Gold Loop 4" Universal Scissors£8.50

Veniard Gold Loop 4''Heger Scissor Clamp

Veniard Gold Loop 4"Heger Scissor Clamp£9.50

Veniard Gold Loop 4.5'' Mantis Tweezers

Veniard Gold Loop 4.5" Mantis Tweezers£7.00

Veniard Gold Loop De-Barb Pliers

Veniard Gold Loop De-Barb Pliers£13.50

Veniard Gold Loop Razor Scissors

Veniard Gold Loop Razor Scissors£19.90

Veniard Gold Snips

Veniard Gold Snips£3.90

Veniard Hackle Guard

Veniard Hackle Guard£2.20

Veniard Retractable Hook Hone

Veniard Retractable Hook Hone£5.90

Veniard Rotary Hackle Pliers

Veniard Rotary Hackle Pliers£4.30

Veniard Spigot Bobbin Holder

Veniard Spigot Bobbin Holder£3.00

Veniard Spigot Bobbin Threader

Veniard Spigot Bobbin Threader£2.30

Veniard Standard Hackle Pliers

Veniard Standard Hackle Pliers£2.00

Veniard Starter Tool Kit

Veniard Starter Tool Kit£11.00

Veniard Strike Indicator Flu Chartreuse

Veniard Strike Indicator Flu Chartreuse£3.90

High Visibilty, fluorescent chartreuse, purpose made indicators.

Veniard Strike Indicator Flu Orange

Veniard Strike Indicator Flu Orange£3.90

High Visibilty, fluorescent Orange, purpose made indicators.

Veniard Strike Indicator Flu Pink

Veniard Strike Indicator Flu Pink£3.90

High Visibilty, fluorescent Pink, purpose made indicators.

Veniard Strike Indicator White

Veniard Strike Indicator White£3.90

High Visibilty, White, purpose made indicators.

Veniard Tough Point Scissors

Veniard Tough Point Scissors£14.40


Why Use Veniard Fly Tying Tools?

Established for over 90 years Veniard are one of the best known manufacturers of fly tying materials and Veniard Fly Tying Tools range to suit most budgets

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