Veniard Materials

Veniard Fly Tying Materials

Having supplied the trade since 1923 the fly tyer has benefited from premium Veniard fly tying materials, tools and vices from this great manufacturer. Fly tying supplies from all around the world with materials including fly tying silks, threads, furs and feathers. The full Veniard range is available from The Essential Fly

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Veniard - Dubbing Dispenser - Glister Sparkle

Veniard - Dubbing Dispenser - Glister Sparkle£17.90

Veniard - Genetic Hen Cape - Grizzly

Veniard - Genetic Hen Cape - Grizzly£17.80

Veniard - Genetic Hen Cape - White

Veniard - Genetic Hen Cape - White£17.80

Veniard - Grey Squirrel - Whole Skin

Veniard - Grey Squirrel - Whole Skin£17.50

Veniard Sb Master Uv Torch

Veniard Sb Master Uv Torch£17.50

Veniard - Fly Tying Materials Kit For Beginners

Veniard - Fly Tying Materials Kit For Beginners£18.99   £16.50

Veniard - Universal Tungsten Carbide Scissors

Veniard - Universal Tungsten Carbide Scissors£16.50

Veniard - Gold Loop Tool Kit

Veniard - Gold Loop Tool Kit£19.99   £15.99

Veniard Amadou Patch

Veniard Amadou Patch£14.50

This rare natural fungus has been used for over a century to dry saturated flies.

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