Tungsten Bead Head Nymphs

Tungsten Beadhead nymphs are the fastest sinking of al of the beadhead flies.  Because of the tungsten head weight the fly is usually used as the point fly on a team of flies. The weight will take the team down quickly and help keep the team deeper. Often identical flies with and without beadheads to allow the same fly patten to be fished at different depths and speeds.

Using Tungsten Beadhead Flies

Used on stillwaters and on rivers they can be suspended using Strike Indicators or highly buoyant flies like Stimulators, a deadly combination for searching on rivers, often called the banker rig. Using multiple heavy flies can cause problems with fly line turnover. Avoid this using single  tungsten beadhead as your point fly and use smaller flies on droppers for best turnover and presentation of your flies.

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Caddis Olive Tungsten

Caddis Olive Tungsten£1.25   £1.10

Fly Size 14, 16

Grub Black/Lime Tungsten

Grub Black/Lime Tungsten£1.25   £1.10

Fly Size 12

Grub Orange/Lemon Tungsten

Grub Orange/Lemon Tungsten£1.25   £1.10

Fly Size 12

Hares Ear Dark Tungsten

Hares Ear Dark Tungsten£1.25   £1.10

Fly Size 10, 12, 14

Montana Tungsten

Montana Tungsten£1.25   £1.10

Fly Size 10

Soft Hackle Caddis Olive Tungsten

Soft Hackle Caddis Olive Tungsten£1.25   £1.10

Fly Size 12, 14, 16

Tungsten Endrick Spider Fluoro Yellow Colour

Tungsten Endrick Spider Fluoro Yellow Colour£1.50

Available in Fly Size 12, 14 16, 18.
Copper Tungsten Bead

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