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Midge flies part of the Chironomidae family resemble mosquitoes but have no wing scales. Chronomids are very common everywhere and can frequently be found in large swarms at dusk around water.  Males have feathery antennae and a slender body while females have hairy antennae and a stout body. The elongated wings lie flat or are held slightly raised over the abdomen. 

Pupae are called buzzers. A few species can be pests however midges are an important source of food for trout so midge dry flies are important for fly fishermen. They have a body length of 1mm to 9mm. In the UK there are 400 species and over 4,000 species world-wide. Midge fishing flies are very small patterns, however for trout midges are essential fly patterns.

Midge Fly Hatches

Fishing With Midge Fly Patterns

Always use tapered leaders and ideally a lightweight, 3 to 5 weigh floating flyline. Because the midge is very small the flies you will be fishing with will be very small. To fish with these patterns either try fishing close in or try a New Zealand Rig. With this style of fishing bite indication with midges is much easier, use two flies tied to your leader 18 inches to 24 inches from the Midge pattern which will be the point fly, the larger fly acts as both a sight for you, at the slightest movement near the sight fly stiike or of course if the sight fly moves you are into a fish!

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Sandys Blank Buster Cdc Phosphor Yellow

Sandys Blank Buster Cdc Phosphor Yellow£1.50

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12, & 14.

Sandys Blank Buster Cdc Pink

Sandys Blank Buster Cdc Pink£1.50

Available in Fly Size(s)
12, & 14.

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