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An Iceberg - These are our variants of the amazing flies designed originally by Hans Van Klinken adapted for us by Sandy Dickson. These are a fantastically popular fly pattern that has caught trout and grayling all over Europe and now is gaining popularity in North America. Klinks are just like an iceberg: it gives it's best results when 90 per cent of it is under the water. The top hackle makes it more visible to the fly fisher and the hackle looks like a wing from below the water imitating an emerging fly. We highly recommend these flies, they do what they are designed to do. It imitates the natural emerging insect and catches fish. If there is only one dry fly in your box, it must be a klink!

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Woven Klinkhammer Olive

Woven Klinkhammer Olive£1.50   £0.75

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10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20


Using Klinkhammer Klink and Dink Method

A Superb river technique is to use a Klink on the end of a tapered leader with a small beadhead nymph like GRHE or Pheasant Tail on a dropper. Personally we attached the nymph dropper to the eye of the hook. Check our full blog post on the Kink and Dink Method

Correct Use

To be used correctly the fly should have a floatant applied to the parachure wing and the body should be moistened, we simply ut the hook shank in our mouth to get water absorbed into the body and hook shank. Done ths way the body becomes waterlogged and dips below the sufrace film and the parachute hackle sites on the surface miniscus

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