Blob Flies & Foam Arsed Blobs

The Blob with its variants of FAB (Foam Arsed Blob) are a modern fishing fly pattern, these flies loved by some hated by other fly fishermen. Blob fishing flies are a real attractor fly pattern for Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout

What Is A Blob?

These are very vibrant colored fishing flies. They are very simple to tie using 15mm Chenilles. These are real attractors with many different vibrant colours. Our Competition Blobs were designed by Frances Davis from the Welsh Fly Fishing team, she noticed when using Blobs that because they do not look natural often Rainbow Trout would turn away at the last moment, hence she decided to pimp the tail, we worked with her and we added Sandy's Eye Lock and Hackle Stops with Sandys Flutter Disks suspended on the tail, the bright vibrancy of the Flutter Disk triggered more bites. Using Umpqua Egg Fly hooks which are incredibly strong, you could probably pull a tree trunk our of a reservoir without bending those hooks!

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Cats Whisker Beadhead

Cats Whisker Beadhead£1.05   £0.90

Fly Size 10, 12

Chartreuse Blob

Chartreuse Blob£1.05   £0.90

Fly Size 10

Fab Orange

Fab Orange£1.05   £0.90

Fly Size 10

Fab Sunburst Yellow

Fab Sunburst Yellow£1.05   £0.90

Fly Size 10

Fab Tequila Sunrise

Fab Tequila Sunrise£1.05   £0.90

Fly Size 10

Orange Blob

Orange Blob£1.05   £0.90

Fly Size 10

Sunburst Yellow Blob

Sunburst Yellow Blob£1.05   £0.90

Fly Size 10

Tequila Sunrise Blob

Tequila Sunrise Blob£1.05   £0.90

Fly Size 10

The Suspender & Indicator Fly Collection

The Suspender & Indicator Fly Collection£28.50


Fishing Techniques

You can fish Blobs alone on a tapered leader or on a team of flies with the FAB as the point fly with a slow retrive for example a figure of eight retrieve. Alternatively you can perform a fast strip retrieve to trigger the Trout's natural agression. An alternative that has worked well is to add sinkant link Xink to the standard Blob fly patterns and allow them to slowly drop, keep an eye on your leader for the sharp tug as when Rainbow and Brown Trout realise that the Blob is not real food it will be dropped if you do not tighten up quickly. The Trout Blob fly works well off of both the bank and the reservoir banks.

Tying The Foam Arsed Blob Fly

The FAB is a very simple fly to tie. Check the video below to see how to tie the FAB yourself with the expert fly tyer Sandy Dickson.

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