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Strength - Reality VS Advertising

We all know that sometimes manufacturers advertise a product that does not match their advertising. Independant Strength Tests have been performed by Martin Joergensen, to view his findings follow the link below. We have found that Semperfli Nano Silk has been the strongest on the market and nicest would on the bobbin. However please make sure you try you yourself what you feel is best for you.

Global Fly Fisher - Fly Tying Thread Table

Bobbin Holders

  • Always use a fully ceramic bobbin holder.

GSP thread can break from abrasion and after prolonged use you may find that the micro sharp edges on a bobbin holder can cause the thread to snap.


  • Use softer waxes

All GSP thread you will find can be slippery when first tying onto a hook. To alleviate this use a soft wax.


  • Do NOT use scissors
  • Razer blade or craft knife

As GSP thread is super strong you will most likely blunt your best scissors over time. A simple cheap craft knife or spare razor blade will be more than sufficient, and you will be able to get closer to your material than with scissors.

Dubbing Loops

You can still form dubbing loops with the use of a dubbing twister or by splitting the GSP thread.

Thread & Head Build Up

Depending on the thread you may find that you do not have as much build up as you do with traditional polyester tying thread. GSP thread is perfect for when you want the thread to dissapear. However you can build up a head by repeatedly layering the thread, equally you can do this for the body if you want a thicker body (but you may want a thicker thread if that is the case)

Some GSP threads are twisted. You can twist or untwist the thread for a more or less prounounced profile.

Colour Options

  • Permanent markers

Most GSP will only be available in Black and White as it is not an easy process to 'dope' dye the raw material. Simply buy permanent markers in a range of colours and apply to the thread. You will need to allow the marker to dry a little to the GSP before applying.

For hot spot heads simply colour the last 4 inch / 100mm, add some UV resin or varnish to create a tooth-proof head.

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